The protective power of Iceland’s thermal water for your skincare with farmaskin+

Mineral water baths have been used for centuries to relieve different skin conditions. The use of spring water is recommended to help the skin fight fatigue and get a feeling of well-being.

Iceland is particularly known for its natural geothermal baths. The Blue Lagoon is a natural spa that enjoys a favorable location. It is located in a Lava field in Grindavík, Reykjanes Peninsula, southwest of Iceland. That’s where we extract the thermal water that we use for all farmaskin + products.

The skin is an organ that undergoes significant changes during a person’s life. Each stage has its own requirements, and skin care should reflect these changing needs. Choosing the right products to clean, protect, nourish and repair the skin at each of these stages will help keep the skin healthy and ensure that feels natural.

farmaskin + is a complete brand that offers different solutions for the skin maturation process. From the earliest teenagers stage, with specific products for acne, until the moment when the skin matures, taking into account cases of sensitive skin.

Find the best treatment for your skin type:

The solution to skin imperfections problems. A complete range to treat and combat acne thanks to state-of-the-art active and acid. This line consists of a cleanser gel with salicylic acid to remove impurities from the skin. An anti imperfections facial cream that moisturizes and mattifies the skin. A drying solution that helps reduce and dry imperfections. And a specific treatment for internal acne and anemic rashes.

The product range for the most sensitive skin. Their formulas are based on active ingredients with soothing, moisturizing and anti-redness properties. Here you will find a facial cream and mask specially formulated to treat such problems.

A product line suitable for all skin types. Based on the brand’s star ingredient, geothermal seawater from the famous Blue Lagoon in Iceland. With soothing properties, its products are rich in minerals that hydrate, revitalize and stimulate the circulation of the skin.

This line especially indicated for mature skin is formulated with last generation assets. It helps fight the first signs of aging as well as prevent the appearance. It gives the skin a young and revitalized look. This range consists of an anti-pollution cream with SPF 50 for the day and an anti-stress cream to apply at night. It also has an eye contour to hide visible signs of fatigue.

A range products designed specifically for oily skin. Regulates sebum excess, reduces pores size and prevents the appearance of facial shine.

The intimate hygiene gel without soap for daily use. It respects the pH of the intimate area and protects it against infections.

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