Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

We are approaching summer and that means the arrival of good weather. It is true that we must take care of our skin and our body in general throughout the year, but during this season in particular we must be more careful, as we will probably spend hours exposed to the sun and our face, body and hair will be affected.

That is why we recommend adapting your beauty routine with some specific products that will be great for the summer.

Products for the Face:

Step 1:

Cleanse the face with the Active Cleanser from Detox Skinfood. This gel type face cleanser is made from superfoods which provides our skin with nutrients, achieving a balanced and nourished look. In addition to removing dirt from pores and protecting the skin from external factors, it is super fresh! A great feeling to have this time of year.

Step 2:

The Koconoi Bora Bora White Sand Face Scrub is ideal for the summer as it contains white sand from Bora Bora, coconut oil, noni extract and water from the Polynesian lagoons. Can you think of a better combination? It provides a soft exfoliation that will not harm our skin. It moisturizes and nourishes our skin and has antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

Step 3:

It is essential to put on a face mask at least twice a week. The Cucumber Water Mask from Boddy’s Pharmacy is ideal for this purpose. Our skin in summer needs to be very moisturized and when it comes to hydration this mask is unbeatable. It quenches the skin’s thirst thanks to its moisturizing action and also offers a pleasant cooling effect. It tones, softens, calms and firms the face. Best of all, it doesn’t need to be rinsed off.

Step 4:

After sun exposure, the Wathermal Miracle Water by Farmaskin will be your best ally. It is 100% thermal water from Iceland with multiple properties, among the main ones to hydrate, calm and protect. It is great for cooling down even when you are exposed to the sun, your skin will thank you. It is a summer essential, we love it!

Step 5:

Serum time! Koconoi Origins Nectar Serum is perfect for reducing and preventing blemishes. In addition to brightening your skin and leaving it golden and even, it’s ideal for perfect summer skin. It also protects against external agents, moisturizes and nourishes.

Step 6:

For the eye contour we continue with our most summery line. The Koconoi Origins Eye Contour gives us a plus of hydration in the area, minimizes expression lines and eliminates dark circles, all thanks to the Centella Asiatica, Coffee and Cucumber; ingredients with decongestive and anti-irritant properties.

Step 7:

Finally, one of the most important steps, the face cream that will be responsible for protecting our skin during the day. In this case we propose four of our creams to choose from, all of them with sun protection:

  • The SPF Pollustop Face Gel Cream from Biod. This is an anti-pollution gel cream that protects the skin against free radicals while also balancing the levels of hydration, calming and protecting the skin thanks to the sun protection factor of 25.
  • The Farmaskin Decelerage Urban Defense protects our skin with SPF 50 as well as being an anti-ageing treatment that acts as a double shield to protect the skin. It is great for keeping skin protected, firm, luminous and hydrated all day long.
  • Spots Lab’s Sun Block facial cream is great for protecting us from the intense summer sun. It offers us 50+ sun protection, formulated with UVA+UVB+IR sun protection filters as well as being anti-spot and having regenerative properties. Choose yours, dry skin or oily skin format?
  • Finally, after spending an intense day under the sun, we have the perfect face cream, the After Sun Repair also from Spots Lab. It moisturizes, prevents spots, regenerates the skin and calms the skin, leaving it with a feeling of comfort.

Products for the Body:

Just as we take care of our face, it is also very important to keep our body skin healthy, as summer sun can harm it. With these two simple steps we will obtain a hydrated and reinforced skin, ready to enjoy this time of the year with healthy skin.

Step 1:

Exfoliation is the magic word! Boddy’s Pharmacy Deep Cleansing Body Scrub is perfect for this. Its naturally occurring micro-particles remove dead skin cells and cleanse pores thoroughly. It is a very important step since the exfoliation will strengthen our skin against the sun, thus it will be more prepared to get that Caribbean tan we all desire.

Step 2:

After exfoliating our skin well, the next step is to leave it well hydrated. Remember that hydration at this time of year is the most important thing. For this we will use the Detox Skinfood Body Moisturizer, a vegan body cream, moisturizer and antioxidant. What more could we ask for? Keep your skin nourished, well hydrated and protected throughout the day.

Products for the Hair:

Chlorine from swimming pool, sea salt, sun, sand and many more. This is a long list of enemies for our hair during the summer. But we have the solution to fight them and whoever says that you can’t show off at this time of year is because they haven’t tried our products.

Step 1:

Koconoi’s Split End Rescue is our favorite! A hair serum made from a real cocktail of ingredients like moringa and coconut oil, noni extract and water from the Polynesian lagoons. Say goodbye to split ends and give your hair regenerative and revitalizing powers.

Step 2:

The power of tea tree oil is in this super conditioner. Boddy’s Pharmacy’s Moisture Restoring Hair Conditioner nourishes our hair deeply, makes it soft and prevents the frizz that many of us struggle with.

In addition to all these tips for your face, body and hair, remember to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water and maintaining a good diet. Don’t forget to always use sun protection and most importantly, enjoy the summer to the full!

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