DOCTORIST, the new brand of Niche Beauty Lab based on traditional remedies

Doctorist are the products that cannot be missing in your medicine cabinet. A complete range of traditional remedies indicated for mild ailments.

For a long time we have been working on updating and improving different remedies based on traditional medicine. A combination of highly nutritious natural oils carefully chosen, along with state-of-the-art assets to offer solutions that improve quality of life. As a result we have created a total of 10 traditional remedies with improved efficiency that simply work.


Arnicin: Arnica Pain Relief CreamCrema malestar localizado con Arnica

Especially indicated to relieve pain in specific body areas. It acts locally on bumps, bruises and relieving pain in the muscles, tendons and joints.

It is made with ingredients that have anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that improve the feeling of physical discomfort.


Moisturemazing: Ultra Moisturizing Balm Bálsamo Ultra-Reparador

An ultra moisturizing balm indicated in case of extreme dryness and dehydration.

Instantly restores moisture levels and creates a protective film that prevents external attacks and blocks water loss in the skin. Especially suitable for dry and visibly damaged skin.


Baby Moom Oil: Stretch Mark Oil

Aceite anti estrias

An oil specially designed for effective prevention against stretch marks.

Excellent combination of highly nutritious moisturizing oils that provide optimal care to the areas of skin most affected by pregnancy. Restores body and effectively smoothes grooves penetrating into the deeper skin layers.


Baby Moom Cream: Stretch Mark CreamBaby Moom Cream crema anti estrías

Treats and prevents stretch marks that may appear from the first months of pregnancy. It maintains the elasticity of the skin, favoring the synthesis of collagen that prevents mature skin aging.

It allows to obtain satisfactory results without side effects during pregnancy.


Tiger Boss: Tiger Balsam

Tiger Boss bálsamo del tigre

A classic reinvented. The necessary renovation of the popular Chinese tiger balm. Emerged from the ancient traditional medicine.

An ointment based on natural and active oils of pharmaceutical range that can be used both to relieve the muscles after great efforts, and to effectively reduce discomfort and stiffness in the joints.


Herbade: Herbal Joint Relief Ointment with CBD

Herbade pomada con CBD

A broad spectrum cream based on cannabidiol. A joint solution to the most common problems that the skin faces on a daily basis.

Made with CBD, rich in fatty acids and Omega 3, hemp oil and moisturizing active in doses of efficacy, which offers multiple benefits in a single cream.



Deconchest: Decongestant Balm Deconchest Bálsamo Respiratorio Descongestivo

A respiratory balm with a soft texture, made from essential oils of eucalyptus and rosemary.

It helps regulate the respiratory process, chest and nasal congestion. It is applied by a gentle massage on the chest, back and nose, 1 or 2 times a day.


Balzzzam: Sleep Easy Balm

Bálsamo dulces sueños

Relaxing balm based on Melatonin, a natural and effective alternative that helps you fall asleep.

This topical balm can be used as a first step or as a supplement for the treatment of sleep disturbance.


Calmylip: Ultra Repairing Lip BalmCalmylip Bálsamo labial ultra reparador

Especially suitable for cases of extreme dryness and dehydration.

It helps moisturize punished lips by creating a protective film that prevents external aggressions and blocks water loss.


In your Mint: Headache Relief Roll-On 

In your mint roll-on malestar de cabeza

Topical treatment that helps relieve headache. By applying the roll-on on the forehead an immediate relief and freshness is achieved, notice instantly a feeling of well-being.

Perfect for relieving headache and fatigue.