3, 2, 1… GO!

Finally we can respond to many of your requests and share all our wisdom with you. From now you could find here all the information about our products, beauty routines, skin care, launches and much more.

If you have found us it has been probably through our Instagram account. But we are much more than this, and we want to show you. Niche Beauty Lab born with the idea of create different cosmetics, with trendy ingredients and high quality formulas available to everyone pockets.

Who says that good cosmetics has to be expensive?

We are young, brave and we always face new challenges with a smile enjoying what we do. But above all we know that we will never be conventional or boring.

If you are looking for the typical cosmetics company with luxurious campaigns and perfect women’s promoting their products this is not for you.

If you have not left yet, congratulations and welcome to our beauty world!

Here you will find a variety of brands, since the most renowned like Detox Skinfood or Farm to Fresh made for people that look for vegan cosmetics or products with natural and organic ingredients. Until brands like Koconoï, inspired in one of our trips to Hawaï and currently become an icon for girls traveling through south east asia. Or a particular brand like Bamboology, formulated with a selection of oriental traditional organic ingredients. Among many others that we would love you to discover!

Although they may seem different from each other, they all have in common the original formulas and incredible designs  within reach of all pockets.

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