Detox Skinfood lands in Urban Outfitters

The North American multinational brand is committed to products made in Spain introducing the Detox Skinfood completely catalogue in his Beauty – Skin Care category.

As part of our international process, we perceive the perfect opportunity of introduce one of our best brand in the North American market through this giant retailer. We had the clear idea that we wouldn’t do it with anyone, therefore we trust in Urban Outfitters. A life style retailer with a similar target like us, young adults and teenagers attracted to alternative fashion.

Why Detox Skinfood?

In the last few years there is a growing interest in the skin benefits from superfoods. Detox Skinfood is the perfect example of natural food and cosmetics together.

All the products are formulated with a base of carefully selected fresh ingredients, and the latest cosmetic assets, providing a revitalizing sensation. In addition, all formulas are free of parabens, sulfates, petroleum products, artificial fragrances and have a total respect for animal life, receiving Vegan Friendly certification.

It is a brand committed to the natural environment. The packaging of the products is reusable glass and the boxes are made of cardboard, both 100% recyclable. The products are suitable for vegans, since they are not formulated with any ingredient of animal origin. Detox Skinfood goes far beyond the regulations that prohibit animal testing and equates both animals and people on the same level.


In the Urban Outfitters catalog you can find all the necessary products for a 100% vegan facial care routine.

Bálsamo limpiador de Detox Skinfood
Cleansing Balm
Gently dissolve and remove all your makeup with this cleansing balm formulated with natural ingredients respects your skin without losing effectiveness.
Limpiador Activo Detox Skinfood
Active Cleanser
Purifying facial gel with natural ingredients. Our Active Cleanser is rich in nutrients and erases the dirt of your pores and helps you achieve a more equilibrated and nourished skin. Feel the freshness in your skin while you protect it from free radicals and environmental stress.
Agua Micelar Detox Skinfood
Micellar Water
A non-aggressive and toxic-free formula that leaves your skin purified and ready for any situation. It erases the accumulated impurities of the skin thanks to the antioxidant and depurative action of the superfoods, so you can show a more equilibrated and healthy skin. The perfect combination of cleansing and nourishing.
mascarilla facial Detox Skinfood
Facial Mask
A new fresh start to your skin. The purest superfood ingredients extracted from the nature combined with the best actives to help your skin in terms of hydration, toning and nourishing.
Aceite facial hidratante Detox Skinfood
Hydrating Face Oil
Specially designed for those skins that need a more intense hydration. It hydrates and nourishes easing the toxins elimination. It contains Rice Oil that calms irritations and regenerates the skin, Almond Oil that provides the optimal level of hydration to the skin and Vitamin E with antioxidant, regenerating and healing effects.
Contorno de ojos Detox Skinfood
Eye contour Cream
Reduce the signs of fatigue and expression lines with our eye contour enriched with Cucumber, Grape Seed, Kale, Wheat Grass, Eco Ginger, Spirulina, Grape Seed Oil and Wheat Germ.
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